Transition to the fully automated Telco Cloud

Our modular architecture provides and end-to-end approach for modern Telco Clouds, including integration with existing, traditional systems, and the transition to a fully automated architecture for cloud-native, micro-services applications.

VNF-agnostic, horizontal NFV

A VNF-agnostic, ETSI-aligned, 100% open-source NFV MANO stack for horizontal deployments. Our MANO layer, WhiteNFV, has been built around the most advanced NFV solution in the industry, Open Source MANO, which can be integrated with existing private/public VIMs (like any OpenStack distribution, VMWare and AWS), and/or bundled with our WhiteCloud OpenStack distribution.

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Public & Private Clouds

At the heart of our architecture, our WhiteCloud OpenStack distribution enables a fully automated multi-site environment for providing private and public, carrier-grade Cloud services. Our containerized distribution features the simplest installation of the industry, providing high-availability and granular control of your infrastructure's performance capabilities.

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Complete automation for greenfields or existing datacenters

Our architecture for Telco Cloud features other modular components as well, that help Carriers transition from a vendor-controlled environment with high TCOs, to a fully automated, hyper-scalable Cloud with commodity hardware and open-source-based software solutions. These additional components include:

  • Atmosphera - Multi-Cloud orchestrator, based on ManageIQ, for end-to-end visibility of the whole virtualization infrastructure, including open managers like OpenStack, oVirt and Kubernetes-based platforms, proprietary solutions like VMWare VCenter, and public clouds like AWS and Azure.
  • WhiteMist - Our distribution of Kubernetes, the most popular and robust solution for container orchestration, which lets you seamlessly manage your applications lifecycle, either in VMs or bare-metal servers, in private or public cloud environments, taking you one step further into an hybrid architecture.
  • WhiteBlocks - Commodity, high-performance and high-density switches and servers.
  • WhiteStack Fabric Automation - Implements SDN at the datacenter in a fabric-agnostic way, by configuring the underlay and overlay when the applications need so. An Ansible, and ONOS-powered solution for any environment.
  • WhiteStorage - Converts any collection of servers with disks into a highly-available and automated storage cluster, using Software Defined Storage technologies based on Ceph. It can be deployed in a separate cluster, or in a hyperconvergent fashion.
  • WhiteNMS - General-purpose performance and fault management for your physical and virtual infrastructure, based in OpenNMS. Provides full compatibility with any vendor, inventory management, geo-reference, streaming telemetry and related features.

Main Features

Component Features
  • Based on ManageIQ latest release
  • Centralized management
  • Self-service portals with approvement workflows
  • VM Compliance analysis
  • Physical infrastructure resource optimization
  • Performance management of virtual resources
  • Automation via Ansible or Ruby
  • Compatible with: OpenStack-based deployments, VMWare VCenter, Microsoft System Center, oVirt/RHEV, Kubernetes-based deployments, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure
  • Based on Open Source MANO latest release
  • Lean, cloud-native deployment using docker containers
  • ETSI-aligned components, including a SOL-005 aligned REST API
  • Complete lifecycle management of Network Services
  • VNF-agnostic generic manager for Day-0 to Day-2 operations
  • User-friendly GUI and CLI
  • Performance and Fault Management features for VNFs
  • Based on OpenStack latest release
  • Lean, cloud-native deployment using docker containers
  • Can include and support any formal OpenStack project as needed
  • Simple, rapid, end-user controlled deployment
  • Completely agnostic to hardware
  • Maintains full compatibility and alignment with the upstream project

Whitestack will transform your datacenter into a carrier-grade, application/VNF-agnostic, fully automated Telco Cloud

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