Take control of your applications with an automated Cloud

Our modular architecture provides and end-to-end approach for modern Enterprise Clouds, including integration with existing, traditional systems like VMWare, and the transition to a fully automated architecture for cloud-native, micro-services applications.

OpenStack-powered Cloud

At the heart of our architecture, our WhiteCloud OpenStack distribution enables a fully automated multi-site environment for providing a fully automated enterprise private cloud. Our containerized distribution features the simplest installation of the industry, providing high-availability and granular control of your infrastructure's performance capabilities.

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Complete Network Automation

WhiteStack Fabric Automation - Implements SDN at the datacenter in a fabric-agnostic way, by configuring the underlay and overlay when the applications need so. An Ansible and ONOS-powered solution for any environment.

Complete automation for greenfields or existing datacenters

Our architecture for Private and Public Clouds features other modular components as well, that help Carriers transition from a vendor-controlled environment with high TCOs, to a fully automated, hyper-scalable Cloud with commodity hardware and open-source-based software solutions. These additional components include:

  • Atmosphera - Multi-Cloud orchestrator, based on ManageIQ, for end-to-end visibility of the whole virtualization infrastructure, including open managers like OpenStack, oVirt and Kubernetes-based platforms, proprietary solutions like VMWare VCenter, and public clouds like AWS and Azure.
  • WhiteMist - Our distribution of Kubernetes, the most popular and robust solution for container orchestration, which lets you seamlessly manage your applications lifecycle, either in VMs or bare-metal servers, in private or public cloud environments, taking you one step further into an hybrid architecture.
  • WhiteStorage - Converts any collection of servers with disks into a highly-available and automated storage cluster, using Software Defined Storage technologies based on Ceph. It can be deployed in a separate cluster, or in a hyperconvergent fashion.
  • WhiteNMS - General-purpose performance and fault management for your physical and virtual infrastructure, based in OpenNMS. Provides full compatibility with any vendor, inventory management and related features.
  • WhiteBlocks - Commodity, high-performance and high-density switches and servers.

Main Features

Component Features
  • Based on OpenStack latest release
  • Lean, cloud-native deployment using docker containers
  • Can include and support any formal OpenStack project as needed
  • Simple, rapid, end-user controlled deployment
  • Completely agnostic to hardware
  • Maintains full compatibility and alignment with the upstream project
  • Based on ManageIQ latest release
  • Centralized management
  • Self-service portals with approvement workflows
  • VM Compliance analysis
  • Physical infrastructure resource optimization
  • Performance management of virtual resources
  • Automation via Ansible or Ruby
  • Compatible with: OpenStack-based deployments, VMWare VCenter, Microsoft System Center, oVirt/RHEV, Kubernetes-based deployments, Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure

Whitestack will transform your datacenter into a low-TCO, fully automated Cloud

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