Transition to a simpler, fully automated network

Our modular architecture provides and end-to-end approach for achieving a simpler, vendor-agnostic, network operation, transitioning from NetDevOps techniques for network automation through the management plane abstraction, towards a fully featured SDN implementation with control plane abstraction.

Network Automation

At the heart of Whitestack Management Plane Abstraction is Ansible, an open-source configuration management tool, with a wide adoption and strong orientation to networking. Its focus is simplicity, extensibility and no dependency on agents. Our supported distribution features additional modules and an API for northbound integration.

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Multi-vendor monitoring

WhiteNMS features a multi-vendor network management system, able to monitor networking devices, as well as servers, applications, databases and virtualized resources. It provides fault, performance and inventory management, and it is based on OpenNMS.

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Configuration automation for new or existing deployments

Our architecture for SDN and network automation features other modular components as well, that help Carriers transition from a vendor-controlled environment with high TCOs, to a fully automated operation with simple, commodity hardware. These additional components include:

  • WhiteSDN - An evolving solution for control plane abstraction, based on open source components like the ONOS SDN Controller and P4, as well as the Open Network Foundation SDN reference architectures.
  • WhitePortal - Implements a portal for end-to-end networking operations, leveraging the APIs from any of our solutions, including our Ansible distribution, WhiteSDN and WhiteNMS.

Main Features

Component Features
Whitestack Mgmt Plane Abstraction
  • Based on Ansible latest release
  • Centralized management
  • Compatibility with any network device
  • Service-oriented modelling
  • Templating through Jinja2 for simpler, parametrized playbooks.
  • Complemented with other open source configuration abstraction solutions where applicable (i.e. Napalm) and DevOps tools where needed (Git, Gerrit, Jenkins)
  • Monitoring and collection through ICMP, SNMP, TCP ports, URL availability, Streaming telemetry and agents
  • Report customization
  • Network Inventory and topology
  • Geo-localization
  • Event & alarm management
  • Trend Analysis
  • Integration with ELK and Grafana stacks

Whitestack will automate and simplify your network, making it agnostic to the vendor

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