What is WhiteWAN?

WhiteWAN is our solution for SD-WAN, concept by which the construction of a virtual private network is automated through the use of low cost and programmable CPEs, interconnected with each other over any IP network, usually the Internet.

Security and Quality of Service

The solution offers a virtual private network (VPN) that is self-managed by the end user, completely secure and with a configurable, fully-featured quality of service system, which adapts to the download and upload speed of the available Internet link.

Business Acceleration and Automation

WhiteWAN accelerates the deployment of virtual networks, automating the implementation of the private tunnels through a very simple process.

For traditional or new Operators, and Enterprises!

WhiteWAN offers a transformation of the current operators Private networks business, by transitioning from an expensive MPLS L2/L3VPN model, to a simpler, automated way of providing VPNs. It may be adopted by either existing operators or new, virtual operators without a network in place, as well as by enterprises wanting to take control of their own VPNs. The solution consists of the following components:

  • CPE - Devices with Ethernet ports (electric and optical through SFP+) and AC/DC Power Supply. Variable characteristics according to the number of ports and desired throughput.
  • Controller - Application that runs on a central server and implements an SDN controller that controls the routing and functions of the CPEs, as well as provisioning portals for the administrator and end user.

Additional characteristics

Functionality Description
Connectivity On the Internet, MPLS or any layer 3 connection.
Port capacity Minimum configuration: 4 x FE LAN + 1 x FE WAN
Throughput capacity 100Mbps in minimum configuration
Type of deployment "Zero Touch" (registration of serial number in web portal)
Site scalability ~ 2000
Security IPSec encryption between different sites
Quality of service Application prioritization capability within configurable upstream bandwidth
Analytics Real-time performance measurement / Allows automatic alteration of routes based on the quality of the links, when there is more than one upstream available.
Additional services
  • Cloud integration to provide value added services.
  • Traffic graphics to the Internet and other branches

Whitestack will transform your current, expensive VPN model, into a fully automated, zero-touch, instant private connectivity solution.

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