Our curriculum is made up of 8 self-contained courses, which cover the introductory, conceptual and technical level of Cloud, SDN, NFV and NetDevOps technologies.

Cloud Track

This track prepares participants in Cloud technologies, including virtualization, storage, datacenter networking and containers, and is also a very good preparation for the COA (Certified Openstack Administrator) certification.

Our Cloud track includes the following courses:
  • Introduction to Cloud and Programmable Networks (2 days)
  • Cloud Fundamentals (2 days)
  • OpenStack Administration (5 days)

SDN Track

This track prepares participants in Software Defined Networking technologies, including OpenFlow, P4 and Segment Routing, and is also a very good preparation for the ONF certifications: OCSA (ONF Certified SDN Associate) and OCSE (ONF Certified SDN Engineer)

Our SDN track includes these courses:
  • Introduction to Cloud and Programmable Networks (2 days)
  • Fundamentals of SDN (2 days)
  • SDN Engineering (3 days)

NFV Track

Our NFV Track prepares participants in virtualization technologies oriented to network functions, including the ETSI architecture at all its layers and standard interfaces. Audience can take the most of it with an intermediate understanding of Cloud and SDN. It uses Open Source MANO for all the individual labs.

Our NFV track includes these courses:
  • Courses of Cloud and SDN Tracks (14 days)
  • Introduction to Network Function Virtualization (3 days)
  • [Optional] Open Source MANO dedicated workshop (customizable)

NetDevOps Track

Our NetDevOps Track prepares participants in practical network automation techniques and tools, aligned with the DevOps methodologies and culture.

Our NetDevOps track includes these courses:
  • Introduction to Cloud and Programmable Networks (2 days)
  • NetDevOps Fundamentals (2 days)
  • Implementing NetDevOps (5 days)

General Details

All our courses aim to prepare organizations for the paradigm shift that means moving from traditional networking, to Software Defined Networks and Network Function Virtualization .

In addition, we can design special curricula for groups of more than 15 attendees, in order to better adapt to the needs and stage of adoption of each organization.

Additional Characteristics

Component Features
  • Private Groups
  • Minimum of 5 attendees
  • Recommended maximum of 20 attendees
Location options
  • Dependencies of the client (must provide elements required for training)
  • Hotel lounge, in the vicinity of the customer's premises
  • Engineers with real deployment experience
  • Certified in technology
  • English, Spanish and Portuguese languages
Materials Electronic, available in English, Spanish and Portuguese, copy-protected for each individual assistant.
Hands-on Individual laboratories provided from a public Cloud for all courses.

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