Telefónica Movistar Chile announces the Commercial Deployment of ETSI Open Source MANO

Santiago, December 2nd, 2020: Telefónica Movistar Chile deployed WhiteNFV, a commercial distribution of Open Source MANO, the ETSI NFV Orchestrator aimed to automate the lifecycle management of VNFs (Virtualized Network Functions), making a huge leap forward in network automation that aims to dramatically lower the TCO associated to network functions operations, thus taking the lead in realizing the NFV […]

Whitestack announces a new release of WhiteNFV, NFV Orchestrator based on ETSI’s Open Source MANO Release EIGHT

Whitestack announces the first release of WhiteNFV, Whitestack’s NFV Orchestrator, based on ETSI‘s Open Source MANO Release EIGHT. WhiteNFV Denver (named after one of the cities where the community met in 2017) brings along a number of new features to orchestrate a broader range of network functions in more diverse production environments. “This is part of the greater evolution the industry […]

Mundo Pacífico activates HyperNET, the first disaggregated optical network in Latin America, using Cassini from Telecom Infra Project

The new coherent optical network, using open transponders, interconnects several cities in Central Chile with non-amplified 200/400Gbps trunks, providing Mundo Pacifico the highest capacity network in the region. Concepción, Chile, July 20, 2020: In the midst of the most severe pandemic in over a century , Mundo Pacífico announces that it has deployed HyperNET, a software-defined IP network, […]

Announcing the second release of WhiteNFV Castelldefels, with support for CNFs deployed through Helm Charts.

This is the first update of WhiteNFV Castelldefels, the first commercial distribution of the ETSI OSM project based on the recent 7.0.1 release. Whitestack is pleased to announce a new minor release for WhiteNFV Castelldefels, our commercial distribution of Open Source MANO 7.0.1, released in early february by ETSI. Castelldefels2 brings special focus on adopting Helm Charts (the package manager for […]

Announcing WhiteNFV Castelldefels, the Whitestack’s NFV Orchestration solution.

Whitestack announces the release of WhiteNFV Castelldefels, a commercial distribution of the ETSI Open Source MANO project, based on Release SEVEN. January 3, 2020: Whitestack is pleased to announce WhiteNFV Castelldefels, our supported distribution of Open Source MANO Release SEVEN, the NFV Orchestrator hosted by ETSI. WhiteNFV Castelldefels represents a major leap forward in NFV Orchestration, in particular for its […]

Cassini Packet Transponder field trial demonstrates multi-format transmission with multi-vendor, open packet optical network elements, at Telefónica del Perú

The field trial demonstrated long haul network operation and interoperability of coherent optics modules from different vendors with Cassini open packet optical switch, reaching 200 Gbps on a distance of 641 km between the cities of Lima and Trujillo in Peru. LIMA, Nov 11, 2019: Whitestack announced successful completion of the first field trial of Cassini, […]

Whitestack drives Field Trial in Peru for TIP’s Open Optical technology, Cassini.

For the first time, Cassini will be tested on an existing DWDM network spanning more than 1000km. LIMA, October 14, 2019: Whitestack and several key players in the disaggregated optical transport space have arrived in Peru to initiate the first trial of Cassini, a 100 / 200 Gbps open optical transponder, on an existing line […]

ETSI implemented their own reference NFV platform, with Whitestack’s Whitecloud

The ETSI 4th NFV Plugtests (the most important NFV interop event) were ran on ETSI’s own NFVI and VIM. Sophia Antipolis (France), June 7th 2019: A new edition of the NFV Plugtests, the most significant NFV (Network Function Virtualization) testing event has just finished, and this time, the NFV API Conformance Tests were executed on […]

Benjamin Diaz, Whitestack Cloud Developer, lauded as ETSI OSM’s “Outstanding Technical Contributor”

For the second time, Whitestack is awarded “Outstanding Technical Contributor”, this time during the OSM Release SIX cycle. Santa Clara, CA: Francisco Javier de Ramón (ETSI OSM Chairman) presented the “OSM Awards” for Release SIX, where Benjamín Díaz (Whitestack Cloud Developer) was honoured as Outstanding Technical Contributor for his work towards the upcoming release of OSM. Benjamín assumed new responsibilities […]