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Data Center Transformation

The transformation data centers are undergoing with technologies such as Cloud and Software Defined Storage/Networking, is not only changing their business by securing more value, but also that of their customers, who gain access to a more efficient and elastic computing capacity, scalable on demand.

Most Clouds are built around data centers that use traditional technologies that do not allow hyper-scalability:

Cloud Traditional Technologies

For Clouds to scale, as required in Telco, Retail, Financial and other industries, they must be built over open technologies that foster innovation, avoid vendor lock-in and unlock hyper-scalability while consuming physical resources in the most efficient way.

Cloud Innovative Technologies

As such, data centers’ transformation processes that will allow them to scale, should include, specifically, the following technology evolutions:

  • Compute: migrate away from brand-focused servers to density-focused servers, ideally compliant with industry standards projects like the Open Compute Project, and following the “Pets versus Cattle” analogy, where servers should be treated as “cattle” and imply minimal CapEx and no vendor lock-in.
  • Storage: just like in SDN, the storage control-plane can be decoupled from the hardware, so that a set of high-density servers with the desired amount and disk types, can be easily converted into a highly-available storage cluster. This concept is called Software-Defined Storage (SDS), where CEPH, an open-source solution, is leader in the implementation of this storage control-plane layer.
  • Networking: today, almost every network operation aiming to scale, and even the traditional networking vendors, have adopted the whitebox trend, where general-purpose ‘merchant silicon’ (Broadcom, Mellanox) is used to build networking gear. The trend has evolved beyond hardware, and enabled a concept called “Network Disaggregation” where whiteboxes can be commercialized without a network operating-system (NOS). This decoupled NOS can be provided by a separate vendor and the option exists to change it over time to implement different use cases, getting the most out of the hardware and preventing vendor lock-in.
  • Open-Source Software: whether it is to implement hypervisors, cloud management platforms or automation tools to achieve hyper-scalable clouds, open-source software like KVM, OpenStack and Kubernetes have proven to be the best alternative for taking into account the latest innovations, larger scale, and richer possibilities.

Whitestack Products

Whitestack provides a set of products for Data Center transformation, including, but not limited to:

Whitestack Data Center Architecture