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Telco Transformation

Whistestack supports the telecommunications companies in the implementation of the most innovative technologies based on open source software and hardware, allowing them to evolve to a completely automated, elastic and more vendor-independent network, with lower CAPEX and OPEX.

A number of technologies are transforming the Telco’s business, enabling sustainability by reducing costs and bringing services agility:

  • Telco Cloud & Network Function Virtualization
  • Zero Touch Automation
  • Software Defined Networking

We believe in and build industry-validated, open-source-based solutions with carrier-grade support that will introduce the most innovative technologies while reducing vendor lock-in.

Telco Cloud & Network Function Virtualization

To comply with the NFV vision of implementing our network functions and services in a virtualized way by using commodity hardware, operators should lead their NFV deployments and shift gradually from the big appliances world (in all of its forms, including big NFV full stacks) towards “horizontal” NFV deployments, where a common telco cloud (NFVI/VIM) and management (MANO) infrastructure is shared by all the VNFs, with operators having complete control and knowledge of that new telco infrastructure.

In that process, Whitestack drives the adoption of NFV by helping operators:

  • Embrace the NFV concept, with both technology and business outcomes, ensuring the move away from appliances and/or full single-vendor proprietary stacks towards a commodity infrastructure.
  • Get complete control of that single infrastructure and its management and orchestration stack, which should provide life cycle management for all the network services at different abstraction levels.
  • Maximize the usage of components based on open-source technologies, as a mechanism to (1) accelerate innovation by using solutions built by and for the whole industry, and (2) to decrease dependency on a reduced set of vendors and their proprietary architectures.

Telco NFV

Zero-Touch Automation and Software Defined Networking

Real SDN adoption should implement the original concepts of completely decoupling and centralizing the control plane away from the (simplified) hardware devices, which should bring us a set of benefits:

  • Lower cost of boxes: Network devices do not need control software, they are cheaper and programmable.
  • Lower operating cost: The operation benefits from embedded automation and unified management.
  • Optimization of links by Traffic Engineering: SDN provides a simplified traffic engineering scheme that helps you get the most out of network links.

Reality has shown that this process is not always straightforward, as it implies a number of simultaneous changes, not only in the network, but also in processes and people.

Other technologies have evolved in parallel, including Network Automation and Network Disaggregation, which are able to bring most of the advantages of SDN in a way that operators can embrace faster, while staying on the path to real OpenFlow/P4-based SDN.

Whitestack helps operators adopt SDN in the most intelligent way, by reducing operating costs through open-source-based, multi-vendor Network Automation, and reducing CapEx associated to hardware by implementing Network Disaggregation.

These first two steps are key and transformational to a Telco’s business, and pave the way towards Software Defined Networks.

Telco SDN

Whitestack Products

Whitestack provides a set of products for Telco transformations, including, but not limited to:

Whitestack Data Center Architecture