Fundamentals of NetDevOps

This course covers the fundamentals concepts of NetDevOps. NetDevOps is the application of the of the DevOps concepts to the world of networks; a necessary step to adopt efficiently the new paradigm of technologies based on Software and Cloud, in the network.

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Level of the course


  • WS-INTR1 Course
  • Knowledge of the architecture of the network in a telecommunications operator
  • Knowledge of Linux at user level (command line)
  • Knowledge of Networking (IP addressing, subnetworks, routing)

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Course outline

Module 1: Introduction

  • Challenges of the current network operation
  • The road to NetDevOps
  • Industry examples

Module 2: Introduction to NetDevOps

  • What is DevOps?
  • Relationship between Lean, Agile and DevOps
  • Comparison between DevOps and NetDevOps
  • Implementing NetDevOps
  • NetDevOps Tools

Module 3: Knowing NetDevOps tools

  • Introduction to Version Control with Git
  • Peer-Reviews with Gerrit
  • CI / CD with Jenkins
  • Laboratory: Version Control with Git

Module 4 – Network Programmability

  • Basic Concepts
  • Types of Network APIs
  • Exploring Network APIs
  • The NETCONF protocol
  • Other Programmatic Interfaces
  • Laboratory: Interacting with REST APIs

Module 5 – Python and Networks

  • Programming Languages
  • Python
  • API Invocation in Python
  • Netmiko: Commands for Networking
  • NAPALM: Unified API for network devices
  • NETCONF in Python
  • Laboratory: Experimenting with Python

Module 6 – Network Modeling

  • Network modeling concepts
  • Laboratory: Configuring via NETCONF

Module 7 – Ansible

  • Introduction to Ansible
  • Ansible Architecture
  • Ansible in Networking
  • Laboratory: Configuring with Ansible

  • 2 days of duration
  • Onsite Instructor
  • Digital content (copy for each assistant)
  • 60% theory, 40% laboratory

  • Understand the limitations of the current networking model.
  • Get to know the methodologies used in the software industry.
  • Understand what the APIs are and how they are used.
  • Understand how to introduce “Network Automation”.
  • Participate in demonstrations of the application of some of these tools in practical cases.
  • Introduction to Network Scripting.

  • Pre Sales Engineers
  • Planning Engineers
  • Project Engineers
  • Network/Cloud/IT Engineers & Managers
  • Operations Engineers
  • Consultants and Researchers

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