Implementing NetDevOps

There are several techniques, methodologies and tools available for an effective NetDevOps application. This course dives into these concepts through laboratories and the exploration of use cases, providing the assistant with valuable information that can be replicated in any type of network.

Level of the course


  • WS-NDVOPS1 Course
  • Notions of Scripting

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Course outline

Module 1: Review of DevOps and NetDevOps

  • Main concepts of NetDevOps
  • Programmatic interfaces to the network
  • Tools to implement NetDevOps

Module 2: Course and Linux Workshop

  • Introduction to the Linux Operating System
  • Interacting with Linux via Shell
  • Basic Networking in Linux
  • Advanced Networking in Linux
  • Scripting in Linux

Module 3: Python Course and Workshop

  • Introduction to Python Language (review)
  • Introduction to Python Programming

Module 4: Ansible Course and Workshop

  • Introduction to Ansible
  • Ansible Architecture
  • Ansible in Networking
  • YAML Format
  • Writing Playbooks
  • Inventory
  • Running Playbooks

Module 5: NetDevOps applied to traditional networks

  • NetDevOps in a traditional network
  • Workshop “Automating Traditional Networks”

Module 6: NetDevOps applied to Cloud

  • OpenStack “The operating system of Cloud”
  • NetDevOps in a Cloud
  • Workshop “Automating the Cloud”

Module 7: NetDevOps applied to SDN

  • Software Defined Networks (SDN)
  • NetDevOps applied to SDN
  • Workshop “Automating SDN”

Module 8: NetDevOps applied to NFV

  • Network Function Virtualization (NFV)
  • NetDevOps applied to NFV
  • Workshop “Automating NFV”

Module 9: Deploying NetDevOps

  • Continuous Integration (CI)
  • Recommendations for NetDevops

  • 5 days of duration
  • Onsite Instructor
  • Digital content (copy for each assistant)
  • 30% theory, 70% laboratory


  • Understand in depth, through use cases, the techniques and methodologies applied through NetDevOps to accelerate the delivery of network services.
  • Obtain or increase experience in the use of software tools relevant to a typical implementation of NetDevOps.


  • Project Engineers
  • Network/Cloud/IT Engineers
  • Operations Engineers
  • Consultants and Researchers

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