Introduction to Cloud, Programmable Networks and NetDevOps

This course covers the fundamental concepts of Software Defined Networks, Cloud, Network Function Virtualization and DevOps applied to networking. It includes network programmability, Cloud and OpenStack concepts, the SDN architecture validated by the Open Networking Foundation, the NFV architecture defined by ETSI, as well as automation issues and methodologies relevant to DevOps in networks of all kinds.

Level of the course


Experience in the areas of marketing, design, deployment or operation of telecommunications services.

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Course outline

Module 1: Introduction

  • Challenges of the industry in traditional networks
  • Objectives of the new trends
  • Open Source
  • Cloud
  • SDN
  • NFV
  • DevOps applied to networks
  • General concepts

Module 2: Open Source Networking

  • Introduction to Open Source Networking
  • Most important open projects
  • Foundations, Communities, and Events
  • Adoption in the industry

Module 3: Scalable Cloud

  • What is Cloud Computing?
  • Base technologies
  • Large implementations and developments
  • OpenStack: the operating system of the Cloud
  • Module 4: SDN – Software Defined Networking
  • SDN fundamental concepts
  • SDN architecture: Controllers and APIs
  • SB-APIs: OpenFlow, NETCONF, and others.
  • SDN in the industry: Open Daylight, ONOS, and other controllers.
  • SDN use cases

Module 5: NFV – Virtualization architecture of network functions

  • Background of NFV
  • ETSI NFV Architecture
  • Virtualization of applications versus network functions
  • NFV in the industry: ETSI OSM, ONAP and other projects.
  • NFV use cases
  • Module 6: DevOps applied to Networks
  • Defining DevOps and ‘NetDevOps’
  • Relevant principles and practices
  • NetDevOps tools
  • Module 7: Analysis of relevant use cases
  • Hyper-scalable cloud and business models
  • Segment Routing and OpenFlow: two flavors of SDN? Or a transition?
  • SD-WAN versus MPLS VPN
  • Building NFV, from simple to complex
  • Automation in any type of network via NetDevOps concepts
  • Laboratory: Creating my first network with SDN / NFV
  • Preparing the virtual infrastructure with Linux, OpenStack, and KVM
  • Configuring virtualized network services
  • Applying principles DevOps on the infrastructure
  • Incorporating control of forwarding via software

  • 2 days of duration
  • Onsite Instructor
  • Digital content (copy for each assistant)
  • 80% theory, 20% laboratory


  • Understand key virtualization and Cloud Computing (hyper-scalable) concepts.
  • Identify the fundamental concepts of SDN and the architecture validated by ONF.
  • Identify the fundamental concepts of NFV and the architecture proposed by ETSI.
  • Know the relationship, key concepts, functions, and importance of DevOps for physical and virtual networks.
  • Experiment with virtualized network components and programmability.


Pre Sales Engineers
Planning Engineers
Project Engineers
Networking/Cloud/IT Engineers
Operations Engineers
Business Development Executives
Project/Product Managers
Networking/Cloud/IT Managers
Consultants and Researchers

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