Delivering unprecedented value to the IT and Telecom industries

Changing the existing paradigms by deploying open-source solutions that help Data Centers, Telcos and Corporations to implement Software Defined Infrastructure.

Hyperscalable Cloud

Highly scalable, fully elastic and cost-efficient Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) platforms, which integrate Compute, Storage and Networking, for Virtual Machines or Containers.

Software Defined Networks

Integrating the newest SDN architectures to existing networks, by using Open Controllers, Automation and (Network) DevOps methodologies, on top of the highest performance devices.


Coordinating end-to-end complexity, by using a unique orchestration layer, based on open-source and open protocols, managing multiple network domains, following the well-defined ETSI architecture.

Our Technologies

We leverage the most advanced and mature open technologies, being used in the most advanced data centers and telecom operators.

VM-based Cloud

OpenStack is the _de facto_ standard for large scale data center automation, providing a holistic view of Compute, Storage and Networking, providing self-care capabilities, to give your users exactly what they want.

Containers-based Cloud

Kubernetes is the containers orchestrator developed by Google and successfully adopted by organizations of all sizes. Kubernetes allows deploying applications at container granularity, and scale them to a Planetary Scale!

NFV Orchestration

Inspired by the complexity of 5G networks, OSM became the materialization of the simplest vision for network orchestration, supporting Virtualized Network Functions (VNF) and traditional Physical Network Functions (PNF).

Hyperscalable Infrastructure

We build data centers by using commoditized infrastructure, which increases overall efficiency and scalability

Hyperconverged Compute

Our Servers match the Highest Density (CPU, Memory and Storage) in the market, to maximize the number of VMs per RU, or per Watt.
Leveraging the latest Intel (R) Scalable Processors, All-flash Hyperconverged Storage, and High-Performance 10/25/100G Network Adapters. Learn more...

High-Capacity Whitebox Networking

High-performance data center devices, leveraging the world-acclaimed Broadcom chipsets, the most reliable optical modules and ONIE bootloader, for building Hyperscalable (Open) Spine and Leaf architectures.
Options from 10 Gbps upto 100 Gbps networking! Learn more...

From Zero to Hero with Whitestack

Unique professional services to accelerate Cloud, SDN and NFV adoption, and get your organization up to speed with these new technologies (before spending all your budget)!


Whitestack is a renowned training provider for Cloud, SDN, NFV and NetDevOps.
We deliver introductory, fundamental and specialized training, in partnership with Openstack Foundation, Open Networking Foundation and ETSI.
Our on-site program is delivered for closed groups at any major capital, in English English, Spanish Spanish or Portuguese Portuguese.

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We help organizations understand how to capitalize the benefits of Cloud, SDN and NFV, and how to transition from their current state to this new world of software defined infrastructure.

Before making any decision, we can show you the challenges you are going to face, and set you up on how to avoid them successfully.

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