We Build Automated Clouds

The highest compute performance, network throughput and data storage protection, leveraging the most robust, reliable and mature open source components

telco cloud

Take control of your workloads with the best performance and TCO of the market

Cloud for VMs and Containers

OpenStack and Kubernetes-based cloud with standard features for high performance 

Software Defined Networks

Automated configuration of both virtual and physical networking connectivity for workloads

ETSI NFV Orchestration

Network Services lifecycle management, removing the need for handling lower layers


Network Services lifecycle management, removing the need for dealing with lower layers. From COTS hardware to NFV Orchestration, using the most standard and robust open technologies for the Telco industry.

DATA CENTER infrastructure

We build data centers by using commoditized infrastructure, which increases overall efficiency and scalability

Open Compute

New compute form factors for increased density and lower power consumption.


High capacity networking equipment for Core, Access, Transport and Data Center.

Open Management

Open source tools for achieving the best multi-vendor, end-to-end visibility and monitoring.



Open specifications that allow for the best hardware and software components of each layer, with automated operations.


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