Referral plan

Refer us to a person who you consider meets any of the profiles we require. If the referral is hired, we reward you with a bonus of up to 500 usd* when the person completes 3 months of work at Whitestack.

*Conditions apply

How is the
referrals process?

Refer a friend or former co-worker. Let the person know you referred him/her.

Our recruitment team will review the profile, if the person meets the conditions given for the vacancy we will continue with an interview.

If this person is hired, we will contact you to coordinate the payment.

Why would you recommend someone
to work at Whitestack?

We are looking for the best professionals in next-generation open source technologies to form an elite team in the development of cloud infrastructure. We are passionate about working with the latest technologies in this field, and we want to attract top talent to join our team and help take our company to the next level.

Currently, we are present in six Latin American countries, including Chile, Peru, Colombia, Mexico, Uruguay and Argentina. This allows us to work in an intercultural and high-performance environment, in which we value diversity and mutual enrichment.

As a startup, our work style is relaxed, but we are highly committed to achieving our goals with a high level of excellence. We are striving to lead the region in this new industry trend, and we are taking important steps in that direction.

At Whitestack we offer a challenging and stimulating work environment in innovative cloud infrastructure projects. We foster an inclusive and diverse culture and provide attractive benefits and compensation. In addition, we promote a collaborative work environment and work-life balance.

Recommend a friend

We are happy that our team grows

Our areas

We are looking for talented professionals and we believe this could be a great addition to our team. We invite you to explore our available vacancies by clicking the button below:


This unit is dedicated to developing advanced software using state-of-the-art OpenSource technologies and following the industry best practices. The team of this unit includes profiles such as Software Engineer, with different levels of experience, who are part of several development squads in charge of generating new functionalities, product improvements and solving problems. Within the team, different roles are assumed, such as team member or Scrum Master. Currently, the open vacancies within the team are: Cloud Product Development Engineer.


This unit is responsible for providing assistance for requirements and incidents, in addition to proactively monitoring services and platform availability. The team has profiles such as Cloud Support Engineer, whose responsibility is to guarantee a timely response and prevent incidents. There are also Site Reliability Engineers, who constantly monitor the performance and operation of the production platforms. Currently, the open vacancies within the team are: Laboratory Engineer.


Thi unit is in charge of deploying cloud infrastructures and components with the highest standards of efficiency. The team has Cloud Integration Engineers, who are in charge of installing, integrating and testing all the necessary software and infrastructure components for our clients. We also have Cloud Networking Engineers, who are responsible for configuring and optimizing the performance of the hardware and networks that support our cloud platforms. Currently, the open vacancies within the team are: Cloud Integration Engineer.


This unit is in charge of defining the architecture of solutions and the use of technologies, both for clients and internally. It is also responsible for satisfying the identified needs and requirements. Within this area, there are the Solutions Architects, technical experts in charge of advising clients in the adoption of architectures and carrying out the technical pre-sale of the solutions developed by Whitestack.


This unit is responsible for project management for our clients, ensuring compliance with standards, deadlines, and customer satisfaction with our services and platforms. This team is made up of Product Managers, who are distributed in different regions and are in charge of managing one or more projects.

Administration and finance

This unit is in charge of guaranteeing the optimization of administrative and financial processes to ensure the financial health of the company. It is made up of professionals in finance, administration, accounting and law. In addition, it has a wide network of regional partners to guarantee compliance with the rules and regulations of each country.


This unit is responsible for making sure our company is the best place to work. We aimed at developing a solid employer brand and making our employees feel happy, committed and proud to be part of our company. The team is made up of HR Business Partners, who focus on providing timely and effective responses and services to the needs of employees throughout their life cycle. They make Whitestack an amazing place to work!


This unit is responsible for positioning Whitestack as the most efficient and innovative Private Cloud provider. It is made up of marketing professionals who work permanently with a network of media providers, community managers and designers to achieve the company's objectives.