Platform as a Service (PaaS) that enables automated and resilient deployment of container-based applications

Deploy your containerized aplications in a PaaS environment

Microservices-based applications in multi-cluster environments are common these days, whether for Telco or IT workloads.

Whitecruiser is our PaaS solution that facilitates the deployment of containerized applications, which uses the successful Kubernetes project as orchestrator and provides a complete suite of open-source tools to facilitate the deployment of applications ensuring high availability in multi-cluster environments.

Main features of Whitecruiser

Differentiators that make easier to deploy
containerized applications.


Whitecruiser is a platform as a service (PaaS) that has the following features:

  • Allows the deployment of multiple scalable Kubernetes clusters with support for multiple network (CNI) and storage (CSI) plugins.
  • Allows to control all the clusters in a centralized way with an integral management of their metrics and resources.
  • Provides tools that allow the implementation of a service mesh scheme of multi-services  providing observability, traceability and dynamic routing of traffic within and between clusters.
  • Provides tools to implement continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD) of applications (GitOps).
  • Provides a marketplace where there are different types of tools (API GW, Message Brokers, Database, CI/CD, service mesh, etc.) that are regularly updated.

In this graph we can see the catalog of all the tools available in Whitecruiser, which is constantly updated.

Whitecruiser Editions

Through its different editions, whitecruiser provides different levels and types of tools to meet different needs. Whitestack provides support for all the applications included in the cluster.

The specific list of tools included by edition includes, but is not limited to, the following set of applications.

Whitecruiser Differentiators

Whitecruiser differentiates itself among many PaaS platforms available in the market, by implementing a completely standard solution with open source components that translate into an optimization of the investment that our customers have to make. Besides:

  • Fully aligned with open source communities: Instead of introducing proprietary ‹‹enhancements›› (which limit maintainability and introduce vendor lock-in), we align with the official (upstream) source code.
  • Available for Telco and IT workloads: convergence is a reality when we talk about microservices, therefore we take the best of both worlds and unify it to have a single platform that allows centralized control of all clusters.
  • Prepared for deployments at the edge: technological progress is making applications increasingly go to the edge (closer to the user), having a platform that can control all these resources is vital to have a more efficient operation.
  • Catalog of applications in constant development: we listen to our customers and for this reason we regularly add new tools to the catalog, considering the maturity of the available products.
  • We do not only sell products, we help our customers to deploy their containerized applications and guide them in the process of adopting microservices technology.
  • All of the above, allows us to improve the time to market (TTM) for the productive deployment of applications and the total cost of ownership (TCO) of our customers’ investment.


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