Cloud/SDN/NFV Training

At Whitestack we believe that sharing the necessary knowledge with organizations will allow them to face their challenges through the use of new technologies, in a completely different way than the one provided by traditional suppliers.

Our exclusive
training program

Whitestack offers a complete training program, with topics about:

Cloud computing (Public, private and hybrid)

SDN (Software Defined Networks)

NetDevops (Network Development and Operations)

NFV (Network Functions Virtualization)


Each module includes training at different levels


For professionals who need to understand the main advantages and how to apply them in their organizations. They usually contain 20-30% technical demonstrations and/or practical experiences.


For technical professionals who need to understand the technological fundamentals of each approach. They usually include 30-50% handos-on experiences, through individual labs.


For technical professionals who need to operate infrastructures that work with these new technologies. They usually dedicate more than 50% to practical experience, through individual labs.

Considering the large number of satisfied Telcos (in various countries) who have trusted our training program (in English, Spanish or Portuguese), Whitestack is the leading Knowledge Provider for these new technologies.


Whitestack offers technical (very technical!) training. Our goal is to provide each attendee with the necessary technical knowledge to understand how to apply these new technologies in their own environments.

For this reason, we include a lot of hands-on practice during our training program. Each attendee is assigned an isolated lab, where they can practice and learn at their own pace through trial and error.

We are the only training provider capable of providing a complete private cloud to each attendee in our Cloud training.

What makes
us different

Whitestack has successfully positioned itself as the most recognized company in training programs on Cloud, SDN and NFV technologies. This is due to unique differentiators in our training offer:



After the training, you may want to implement the knowledge in your own company/environment and would like to get advice from a team of experts to cope your specific use cases.

Whitestack can help you with consulting services so that your project can progress quickly and without risk.


Introduction to the Cloud, Programmable Networks and NetDevOps.
Fundamentals of
the cloud
Open source
MANO Hackfest
Management of
Fundamentals of
software-defined networks
network engineering
Fundamentals of
of NetDevOps
Introduction to network
functions virtualization
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