About Whitestack

We are a company dedicated to developing cloud solutions and deploying hyper-scalable digital infrastructure technology, based on open source and with the highest industry standards.


We want a better connected, digitized and developed world, with the best available competitiveness standards.


Applying engineering standards of the highest quality, aligned with the industry needs.


Highly efficient infrastructure, with world class networks and clouds, close to the user.

What do we build?

Data Centers

Hyper-scalable data centers, following industry best practices, with COTS servers and whitebox switches, as the world’s largest data centers.



World-class automated clouds, using the most widely used open source projects: OpenStack for virtual machines and Kubernetes for containers.


Infrastructure that is closer to the user and highly efficient in order to create hierarchical clouds, at a national, regional and network edge level, reducing the latency of services.


We support the transition of network functions to a Telco Cloud environment. We use open source based orchestration to deploy VNF/CNF, following ETSI standards.

We create products based on open source technologies in the most innovative and efficient way.

We are
Great Place to Work Certified


According to Great Place to Work® research Institute, job seekers are 4.5 times more likely to find a great leader at a certified company and have 93% higher probability to come to work happily.

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To deploy hyper-scalable digital infrastructure, based on open technologies and with the highest industry standards.

To bring unprecedented value to the IT and telecommunications industry by using open source in an efficient and innovative way, oriented to large-scale deployment and leveraging the contributions of the open source community.

nuestra mision


Our goal is to lead the industry in creating innovative and highly efficient digital infrastructure worldwide.

To provide agile, efficient, and universally accessible telecommunications services, transcending geographical barriers and social disparities.

To empower digital migrants in embracing a transformative mindset, inspiring them to innovate their processes for the ultimate benefit of their users.

nuestra vision



Our values shape our approach in selecting and promoting the qualities we value in all our team members. It’s what makes us different, and what will take our company to the next level.

valores 1

 Foolproof attitude:

Maintain a positive, proactive, enthusiastic and tenacious attitude against any difficulties encountered at work, in order not only to achieve the best solution, but also to spread enthusiasm to the rest of the team, which allows the team to enjoy the process, generating a collaborative job culture.

valores 2

 Self-learning and teaching:

Willingness to learn about the latest technologies, techniques or trends, in an autonomous and timely manner, and apply them in practice. Disseminate what has been learned to your colleagues and clients, in a simple and concise way, to accelerate the dissemination and adoption of these learnings.

valores 3

Do the right thing: 

Always make the best decision, taking into account experience and best practices, without letting ourselves be carried away by haste or other influences.

valores 4

Exceed expectations:

Fulfill commitments and go beyond what is expected, delight our customers, to progress as a company and grow as professionals.

valores 5


Having the ability to respond to different challenges and adapt to all types of contexts, in order to delight our internal and external customers.


We strongly believe in a new open source technology framework that is proving to change the cost structure, increase the efficiency and accelerate business.

Software Defined Infrastructure
IT infrastructure and networks are totally controlled by software, without human or operator intervention. It works independently of any hardware-specific dependencies and is programmatically extensible.
Efficient networking devices, running third-party network operating systems. It is networking by adopting a more commoditized technology model, similar to the acceleration of personal and business computing in the 1990s.
Elasticity and Programmability
The System is able to adapt to workload changes by provisioning and de-provisioning resources in an automatic manner (programmatically), so that at all times the available resources adjust as much as possible to the current demand.

Distributed infrastructure that can quickly adapt to an increased demand for services without requiring additional physical space, cooling or electrical power.

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