Telco Networks

Whitestack has a wide range of switches for various roles such as Transport, Core, Aggregation, and Access, meeting the needs of broadband, B2B, and mobile networks. These switches come with a variety of network and customer interfaces that can be adapted as customer requirements change and evolve.

 Disaggregated networks are able to separate hardware and software, interoperating and allowing for more efficient use of resources and solution costs.

Our networks:

Cassini optical Switch

Cassini is an open and disaggregated coherent switch, which includes an integrated open transponder. Cassini optimizes the capacity of the existing 50 Ghz optical channels and is perfectly interoperable with Fixed-Grid DWDM or flexible (medianta lambda allien) networks and combines Layer 1, 2 and 3 functions in a single box.

Core Networks


Disaggregated Core switches are highly efficient in terms of forwarding capacity and can be used in MPLS and SR networks of fixed and mobile operators. These switches have the capacity to handle all the added traffic and face traffic growth with ease. Furthermore, these devices can be adapted to different types of interfaces according to user demand, allowing them to be used in a wide variety of network environments.


Aggregation and
Access Networks

Whitestack offers a wide variety of solutions for the aggregation and access network segment of mobile and fixed operators. These solutions are designed to provide flexibility in terms of supported protocols and interfaces to handle current and projected user traffic.

The ability to handle multiple protocols and interfaces, along with a flexible and scalable architecture, make Whitestack’s offering an excellent choice for mobile and fixed operators looking for a cost-effective, high-performance solution to handle their users’ traffic.

Looking for an optical routing solution for your data center? Cassini Optical Switch is the solution!

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