Automated private cloud based on Openstack™

Acerca de Whitestack

Whitestack es una empresa líder en el despliegue productivo de soluciones basadas en tecnologías y código abierto, con un fuerte foco en la industria de telecomunicaciones. 

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Hyper scalable private cloud
solution based on Openstack

Whitecloud is our Private Cloud solution, based on the successful OpenStack project, providing a complete data center orchestration suite.

Our containers distribution features the simplest installation in the industry, providing high availability and granular control of your infrastructure’s performance capabilities.

data center orchestration

Whitecloud is a solution that automates the provision and use of computer systems (virtualization), networks (SDN or traditional networks), and storage (software-defined storage or traditional SAN/NAS storage) to create highly redundant and scalable private clouds.

Whitecloud orchestration:

Diagramas openstack

Why do organizations choose Openstack-based solutions?

The business needs of organizations are evolving in favor of using solutions based on Openstack, since they allow the ability for innovation and avoid vendor lock-in.

Large operators were asked about their reasons for implementing Openstack (instead of relying on traditional commercial solutions). Users were asked to name their top three reasons, and all were related to: avoiding vendor lock-in, accelerating innovation, and increasing operational efficiency.

Deploying a private
(truly open) cloud

Most large-scale organizations use Openstack-based solutions to implement a hyper-scalable private cloud, far ahead of public cloud deployments.

Openstack is designed for interoperability, which allows the integration of new or existing infrastructure and orchestration of all resources with a simplified perspective, expanding the ecosystem of compatible solutions.

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Whitecloud differentiates itself among the many Openstack-based platforms available in the market by implementing simple product-level  functionalities that translates into huge benefits for our customers:

Instead of introducing proprietary “enhancements” (which limit maintainability and introduce vendor lock-in), we align with the official (upstream) source code. This provides investment protection for our customers, because they are running a distribution “vanilla”, with industry-standard features, extensive support and maintenance, and standardized integration APIs. This reduces the TCO significantly.

Deploying Openstack in a cloud with tens or hundreds of servers is a critical element for time-to-market operation. Whitecloud adopts two of the most popular technologies in DevOps: Docker and Ansible.

Whitecloud is deployed using Docker containers, making its instance creation speed very fast, while allowing a simple and coordinated version upgrades. In addition, whitecloud deploys its containerized services  centrally through Ansible. This allows to deploy an operational Cloud in minutes, while simplifying the replacement or incorporation of more capacity to the Cloud.


To make NFV a reality, the industry has concluded that it is necessary to incorporate in Openstack some functionalities known as EPA (Enhanced Platform Awareness), which allow workloads to be deployed using hardware resources in an optimal way. Whitecloud supports EPA management and, in particular, all the functionalities required to achieve high performance, such as CPU pinning, NUMA topology recognition, Huge Pages, SR-IOV, among others. In addition, it includes open source SDN drivers where applicable, for example whitesdn.

Whitecloud is an official Openstack distribution and is certified as an ‹‹Openstack Powered Platform›› by the Open Infra Foundation, which guarantees that all APIs provided by Whitecloud are compatible with the referential APIs defined by the Open Infra Foundation, which guarantees maximum interoperability and functionality in all its components.

Within the NFV space, it has been exposed to interoperability testing in all of the most recent ETSI NFV Plugtests events. Throughout these tests, Whitecloud features are continuously validated against MANO and VNF stacks from different vendors and evolving ETSI NFV standards.

Our Whitecloud architecture brings all the benefits of cloud automation to IT and telcos, complemented by a series of tools and products that make it the best choice for virtualized and containerized workloads.

Many data centers are
already using Whitecloud

Whitestack currently has multiple Whitecloud deployments in different countries and serving different purposes (Telco and IT Cloud workloads). This makes Whitestack the leading provider of open technologies in LATAM.

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