Whitestack Telco Cloud achieves key telecom certification

With standardized hardware and open-source software, Whitestack reaches milestone in accelerating the adoption of an open telco cloud for network operators.

Round Rock, TX, Aug/31st: Whitestack has completed the joint certification tests of Whitestack’s Telco Cloud solution in the Dell Technologies Open Telecom Ecosystem Lab (OTEL), in an effort to contribute to the expanding ecosystem of certified components that are available for building production-ready, cloud-native, multi-vendor networks.

Whitestack’s Telco Cloud solution enables the natural deployment of VNFs (virtual machine-based network functions) as well as CNFs (container-based network functions), using deployment models that have become increasingly industry standard. This standardization is making it possible to achieve independence from the Cloud provider, which has opened up the opportunities for a much broader ecosystem.

The tests carried out at OTEL certified the correct operation of an Open RAN solution, containerized on WhiteMist, and a 5G Core solution, virtualized on WhiteCloud, with Dell PowerEdge R650 and R750 servers. The virtualized networking, including evolved Common Public Radio Interface (eCPRI) traffic to the base station and the F1 interface between the vDU and vCU, was implemented with an EVPN IP Fabric with open switches, Dell PowerSwitch and storage was verified on Dell PowerStore.

“Dell Technologies is a key player in catalyzing the open telecom ecosystem to accelerate. The OTEL certification process allowed us to test very specific network scenarios, including 5G terminals and Open RAN base stations, which allowed us to standardize our hybrid vision or virtualized and containerized network functions for the Edge on our solutions” says José Miguel Guzmán, Business Development Manager/NFV, from Whitestack.

The architecture submitted to the certification process, as well as the specific components approved, are documented in the solution brief “Dell Technologies and Whitestack Joint Certification in the Open Telecom Ecosystem Lab”, which is also available from Dell Technologies InfoHub

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