Hybrid-Cloud orchestration

Multi-Cloud orchestrator, based on ManageIQ, for end-to-end visibility of the whole virtualization infrastructure, including open managers like OpenStack, oVirt and Kubernetes-based platforms, proprietary solutions like VMWare VCenter, and public clouds like AWS and Azure.

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Why do we need Hybric Cloud Orchestration?

Take two or more independent Clouds (private, community, hosted or public) and integrate them to be able to deploy resources in any of them as long as this provides benefits. This is what we call “Hybrid Cloud” or “Multi-Cloud” environment.

A “Multi-Cloud” environment can be very complex to operate due to the different ways the Cloud Management Platforms expose the information and control. Simplifying the operation of this kind of environments demands the following characteristics in a unified and consistent way: orchestration, automation, management, monitoring, consistent policies and security.

All these information and control capabilities should be made available through a unified, programmatic interface.

Hybrid Cloud

Atmosphera’s holistic Cloud vision!

Our general multi-cloud orchestration solution is called Whitestack Atmosphera, is based on open-source components and provides general Hybrid Cloud orchestration, allowing unified management for physical and virtual instances, including machines and containers. Whitestack Atmosphera is highly modular and possesses excellent horizontal scalability.

Hybrid Cloud

Single “Pane of Glass” for the complete Multi-Cloud environment

Atmosphera brings visibility at a detailed level, in order to simplify capacity planning, unify automation efforts and take control of the complete life cycle of virtual instances, taking into account the complete infrastructure.
Customers adopting Atmosphera, perceive savings related to infrastructure from the first month of monitoring, due to the unified accounting and automated recommendations on how resources are delivered to virtualized instances.

Single Pane of Glass

Whitestack’s deployments of the open-source project on which Atmosphera is based, integrate other open-source components in order to present a personalized executive portal, which simplifies business decisions by exposing consumed and remaining capacity in simplified, global views.

Single Pane of Glass

Highly available, carrier-grade deployment

Our deployments make use of a Container Orchestration Engine (COE) to implement a resilient architecture. In particular, this COE is based on our own Kubernetes distribution (WhiteMist), which ensures a distributed and resilient deployment, promoting a dockerized architecture for Atmosphera. High availability and VIP load balancing is implemented by COE, providing a highly reliable solution.

Atmosphera HA

Main features

  • Based on ManageIQ latest release
  • Centralized management
  • Self-service portals with approvement workflows
  • VM Compliance analysis
  • Physical infrastructure resource optimization
  • Performance management of virtual resources
  • Automation via Ansible or Ruby
  • Compatible with:
    • OpenStack-based deployments
    • VMWare VCenter
    • Microsoft System Center
    • oVirt/RHEV
    • Kubernetes-based deployments
    • Amazon Web Services
    • Google Cloud Platform
    • Microsoft Azure

Atmosphera brings a single "pane of glass" for multi-cloud orchestration, automation and optimization, providing seamless integration with the most popular Cloud Management Platforms.