MWC22: Announcing WhiteCruiser platform for Converged IT & Telco Workloads

WhiteCruiser Kubernetes-based platform takes Telco and IT workloads to the Cloud and the Edge in a converged, Platform as a Service fashion, finally giving operators a single solution for all their centralized and distributed applications, with flexible commercial consumption models

Gianpietro Lavado, Senior Telco Cloud Architect, Whitestack.
Gianpietro Lavado from Whitestack, presenting WhiteCruiser platform at MWC22

Barcelona, February 28th, 2022 – Today at Mobile World Congress 2022, Barcelona, Whitestack announced the next evolution of its Kubernetes offer, going beyond the base engine and adding supported versions of a plethora of tools, in order to ease workload development and automated deployment.

Based on successful open source projects like Rancher, Istio, Jaeger, and many others that add value to both the IT and Telco applications, Whitestack’s unique approach with WhiteCruiser aims to fulfill the following values:

  • A converged approach for supporting both IT and Telco workloads.
  • Lightweight, selective deployments modes to adapt to both the Cloud and Edge with the same platform.
  • High performance and network throughput, mainly for mobile operator’s core and distributed components.

When asked about the difference with more popular platforms like Red Hat’s OpenShift, Whitestack highlighted the fact that even though the open-source projects are mostly the same -except for some differences like the preference of the Rancher project for the multi-cluster orchestration part- WhiteCruiser “is more focused on the special needs of Telco’s IT and Network workloads convergence at the Cloud and Edge, while innovating with a license consumption model that is more suitable for this particular industry

“This product was designed, and will keep evolving, in permanent coordination with our largest Telco customers, to ensure we fulfill all their needs.”

Sergio Tarazona, Product Lead, Whitestack

WhiteCruiser announcement represents a new milestone in Whitestack’s reputation in providing operators, for both their network and IT departments, an innovative and cost-effective approach for their virtualization infrastructure and distributed applications. Supporting both CapEx and OpEx-based licensing models, it also provides customers with a consumption model that matches any financial preference.

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