Benjamin Diaz, Whitestack Cloud Developer, lauded as ETSI OSM’s “Outstanding Technical Contributor”

For the second time, Whitestack is awarded “Outstanding Technical Contributor”, this time during the OSM Release SIX cycle.

Santa Clara, CA: Francisco Javier de Ramón (ETSI OSM Chairman) presented the “OSM Awards” for Release SIX, where Benjamín Díaz (Whitestack Cloud Developer) was honoured as Outstanding Technical Contributor for his work towards the upcoming release of OSM. Benjamín assumed new responsibilities and led a number of critical features. Guillermo Calviño (Altran) was also awarded for his code contributions and Hackfest preparation.

Francisco Javier de Ramón, Chairman of ETSI OSM, and Benjamín Díaz, Whitestack Cloud Developer

The Open Source Mano project is a unique initiative in the Telecommunications industry, where ETSI evolves from a traditional standardization body (which delivers standards) to an open source community (which delivers functional software), aligning itself with what other successful open source communities (such as Linux Foundation, OpenStack Foundation and the Open Networking Foundation) are doing.

I am happy for the award and for the evolution in OSM. We decided to start contributing to the project last year, and since that moment we have witnessed a number of new features coming from contributors from different companies, and concrete POCs, which have already validate the success of the project.

— Benjamín Diaz, Whitestack Cloud Developer

During this Release SIX, Benjamin was also appointed MDL (Module Design Leader) for the MON & POL modules; both of them very crucial elements in the OSM architecture respectively for monitoring VNF performance indicators, and triggering the auto-scaling process.

The OSM project is a functional implementation of the ETSI NFV standards, aimed to be in production during 2019, with the mission to ensure interoperation between generic Telco Cloud solutions and vendor-specific VNFs (Virtual Network Functions). It will create a new eco-system for developing multi-vendor networks, by using the best applications from different vendors.

OSM Release SIX, to be officially released within few weeks, will include a number of new features focused on Security, Monitoring, Platform awareness, and tools for VNF onboarding.

The award was twitted by Open Source Mano project, as part of the activities during the OSM#7 plenary (held at Intel HQs, May 13-17, in Santa Clara, CA)

OSM – OpenSourceMANO@OpenSourceMANO

About Whitestack

Whitestack is a telecom infrastructure provider, that builds production-grade solutions, based on commodity hardware, open source software, professional services and carrier-class support, to exceed industry standards.

  • Whitestack’s NFVI (Network Function Virtualization Infrastructure) consists of WhiteServers (a family of high density servers optimized for the Cloud, powered by the latest Intel® Scalable Processors and NFV hardware acceleration) as the compute nodes, and WhiteSwitches (high capacity whitebox switches, powered by the Broadcom StrataXGS® chipsets) for the switching matrix.
  • Whitestack’s VIM (Virtualized Infrastructure Manager) is implemented with WhiteCloud, an OpenStack distribution, with simplified deployment and upgrading, focused on the Telecom market. Whitecloud has been extensively tested at the ETSI NFV PlugTests, with VNFs from different vendors.
  • Whitestack’s MANO (Management and Orchestration) stack is implemented by WhiteNFV (distribution of the prominent ETSI OSM project), which performs the VNF Management, NFV Orchestration, Performance Monitoring and Policy Management, adhering to the ETSI standards for multi-vendor interoperation.

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