Announcing WhiteNFV Castelldefels, the Whitestack’s NFV Orchestration solution.

Whitestack announces the release of WhiteNFV Castelldefels, a commercial distribution of the ETSI Open Source MANO project, based on Release SEVEN.

January 3, 2020: Whitestack is pleased to announce WhiteNFV Castelldefels, our supported distribution of Open Source MANO Release SEVEN, the NFV Orchestrator hosted by ETSI.

WhiteNFV Castelldefels represents a major leap forward in NFV Orchestration, in particular for its support of:

  • containerized VNFs for microservices architectures,
  • full automation of Day-0, Day-1 and Day-2 operations,
  • SDN-assisted control of any underlay type for interconnecting high-performance VNFs,
  • enhanced system monitoring capabilities, among many other features developed based on today’s Telco needs and priorities.

This third release is named after Castelldefels, a city in the Baix Llobregat comarca, in the province of Barcelona in Catalonia, Spain, that hosted one of the OSM meetings in 2019.

Castell de Fels was built to defend the frontier of the Carolingian Empire against neighbouring Muslim territories

WhiteNFV Castelldefels (as its predecessors Alcobendas and Barcelona), is deployed over any Kubernetes cluster for providing advanced high-availability, security and integration capabilities, suitable for any production environment.

We are very excited with the launch of the new release, featuring a brand new integration with Kubernetes and a number of features focused on carrier-grade production environments. Whitestack’s WhiteNFV ‘Castelldefels’ version, based on OSM Release 7, will keep on making real NFV possible, while dramatically simplifying and reducing the cost of the network functions lifecycle. We are very proud to be members and key contributors of this community!

— Joris Vleminckx, COO Whitestack

Open Source MANO is an ETSI-hosted project to develop an Open Source NFV Management and Orchestration (MANO) software stack aligned with ETSI NFV. The OSM Community has more than 130 members!

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