Converged PaaS & Telco, ubiquitous workloads

WhiteCruiser is our containerized PaaS solution, based on our successful Kubernetes distribution, WhiteMist, as base engine, adding the most mature and widely used tools for PaaS and Telco workloads support, for Core and Edge locations.

It provides a complete suite of open-source tools to ease the deployment of highly available containerized applications. In terms of scalability, WhiteCruiser allows to increase the size of the cluster based on the traffic demand of applications in a simple way.

Regarding monitoring and analytics, WhiteCruiser provides several tools that allows to centralize all the infrastructure and application metrics and present them in tailor-made dashboards based on the specific needs of the users.

WhiteCruiser Editions

Through its different editions, WhiteCruiser provides different levels and types of tools to cover the different needs. Whitestack provides support for every single application included in the cluster.

The specific list of tools included per edition, includes, but is not limited to the following set of applications.


WhiteCruiser Differentiators

WhiteCruiser differentiates among the multiple PaaS, Kubernetes-powered platforms available in the market, by implementing very simple product decisions, which translate to huge benefits for our customers:

Fully aligned with the open-source communities

Rather than introducing proprietary “enhancements” (that limit maintainability and introduce vendor lock-in), we align with the official (upstream) source code.

This provides investment protection for our customers, because they are running a “vanilla” distribution, with industry standard features, wide support and maintenance, with standardized integration API, and therefore the lowest TCO.

Carrier-grade Performance and Awareness

In the specific case of Telco workloads, either in Cloud or Edge environments, and in order to make NFV real, the industry has concluded that it is necessary to incorporate a series of functionalities known as EPA (Enhanced Platform Awareness), which allow deploying and fine tuning workloads on the hosts that can provide the best hardware for its particular requirements. WhiteCruiser’s Kubernetes engine supports EPA management, and in particular, all the necessary functionalities to achieve high performance, such as SR-IOV and DPDK networking for PODs.

Light weight deployment

WhiteCruiser deployments on the Cloud and the Edge are prepared for enabling a selective set of components, covering the minimal necessary tools to support the needed operator services. This is both customizable at deployment and at operation times.


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