Platform as a Service

An on-premises Platform as a Service solution under full control of the operator, offering a complete suite of open-source tools to ease the development, deployment and operation of highly available containerized applications that provide carrier-grade services.

Key Principles

We believe in the following principles for any PaaS implementation:

  • Open technologies, as the main enabler for a vendor-agnostic, future-proof, standards-based, cost-efficient deployment.
  • On premises deployment, for achieving the desired functionality and proximity to the users, as well as performance where applicable.
  • Horizontal model, deploying Kubernetes clusters that are agnostic to the application vendors, as the only model that transfers the control to the operator, ensuring maximum applications/function vendor compatibility not giving away the know-how.

The big transition to containers

New technologies are making us migrate from environments based on virtual machines to environments based on containers, the reason is to leverage the benefits of this technology: scalability, portability, flexibility, security, among others.

This is why big companies are starting to develop their applications in containerized environments, allow the to get the same benefits of public cloud, but using secure infrastructure, with lower cost, under total control of the company and doesn’t expose to the Internet.

Even in the converged Telco+IT world, a single, unified PaaS platform is a convenient model for deploying typical IT workloads as well as data-plane intensive Telco applications, as the new 5G Core network functions demand today.

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