Openstack Powered™ hyperscalable Cloud solution

Our OpenStack distribution enables a fully automated multi-site environment for providing private and public, carrier-grade Cloud services. Our containerized distribution features the simplest installation of the industry, providing high-availability and granular control of your infrastructure’s performance capabilities.

End-to-End Data Center Orchestration

Whitecloud is a Cloud Solution that automates Compute (Virtualization), Networking (SDN or traditional networking) and Storage (Software Defined Storage or Traditional SAN/NAS storage).

Whitecloud orchestrates:

  • Compute, by integrating Nova (virtualization controller) with popular hypervisors (that handle the virtualization functions). Although several hypervisors are supported, most of the time, OpenStack is implemented with KVM (Kernel Virtual Machines), the most popular (open-source) hypervisor, part of the official Linux kernel for more than a decade, and currently powering the most robust data centers around the word.

Networking, by integrating Neutron (networking controller) with Open vSwitch and SDN or traditional networking devices, it is possible to implement netvirt (network virtualization) across data centers, routing (for interconnecting netvirts), NAT (for optimizing public addressing), LBaaS (Load Balacing as a Service) and FWaaS (Firewall as a Service) or security groups (at the VM interface level)

Storage, by integrating Cinder (storage controller) with traditional storage systems (from leading vendors, such as DELL, EMC, Hitachi, HPE, Huawei, IBM, Lenovo, NetApp, Oracle, …) or with SDS (Software Defined Storage) solutions (such as Ceph), the whole volume providing process is automated.

Why do organizations choose Openstack Powered solutions?

The business drivers for choosing OpenStack Powered solutions are evolving, with the ability to innovate and avoid vendor lock-in becoming more important to users.

Last year, the Openstack Foundation asked large Openstack operators about their reasons to implement Openstack (rather than relying on the traditional commercial solutions). Users were asked to name their top five business drivers and rank these from 1 to 5. The most prominent reasons are related to avoid vendor lock-in, accelerate innovation and increase operational efficiencies.

Deploying a (truly open) Private Cloud

Most large-scale organizations use Openstack Powered solutions for implementing hyper-scalable Private Cloud. That is actually the most common deployment scenario:

Openstack is designed for inter-operation, allowing the integration of new or existing infrastructure and the orchestration of all the resources with a simplified perspective, within an expanding eco-system of compatible solutions.

WhiteCloud Differentiators

WhiteCloud differentiates among the multiple Openstack Powered platforms available in the market, by implementing very simple product decisions (that translate to huge benefits for our customers):

Fully aligned with the Openstack Foundation code

Rather than introducing proprietary “enhancements” (that limit maintainability and introduce vendor lock-in), we align with the official (Upstream) source code.

this provides investment protection for our customers, because they are running a “vanilla” distribution, with industry standard features, wide support and maintenance, with standardized integration API, and therefore the lowest TCO.

Easy Deployment & Upgrades

Deploying OpenStack on a cloud with tens or hundreds of servers is a critical element for the Time-to-Market of the operation. WhiteCloud adopts two of the most popular technologies in DevOps: Docker and Ansible.

WhiteCloud is deployed using Docker containers, which makes its instantiation speed very fast while allowing version upgrades in a simple and coordinated way. In addition, WhiteCloud deploys its services in containers in a centralized way through Ansible. This allows deploying an operational Cloud in minutes while simplifying the replacement or incorporation of more capacity into the Cloud.

Carrier-grade Performance and Awareness

In order to make NFV real, the industry has concluded that it is necessary to incorporate in OpenStack a series of functionalities known as EPA (Enhanced Platform Awareness), which allow deploying and finetuning workloads on the hosts that can provide the best hardware for its particular requirements. WhiteCloud supports EPA management, and in particular, all the necessary functionalities to achieve high performance, such as CPU pinning, NUMA topology awareness, Huge Pages, SR-IOV, among others.

Furthermore, it includes open-source SDN Controllers where applicable, to enable SFC and be able to ‘draw paths’ across VNFs.

Certified and continuously validated!

WhiteCloud has successfully passed the latest set of interoperability tests from the OpenStack Foundation (Interop 2017.09) and was awarded “OpenStack Powered Platform”, which ensures that all APIs provided by WhiteCloud are compatible with the referential APIs defined by the OpenStack Foundation, guaranteeing the most important interoperability and functionality.

Whitecloud is an official Openstack Distribution, as published in the Openstack Marketplace.

Within the NFV space, it has been exposed to interoperability tests in all latest ETSI NFV Plugtests events. Throughout these tests, WhiteCloud features are continuously validated with MANO stacks and VNFs from different vendors, and evolving ETSI NFV standards.

Our WhiteCloud Architecture brings all the benefits of cloud automation to Telcos, complemented with container and VNF orchestration, with distributions of OpenStack, Kubernetes and Open Source MANO, and technologies like SDN and SDS where applicable.

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