End-to-end Cloud & Network Management

WhiteMON, mainly based on OpenNMS, Grafana, Prometheus and ELK, is a carrier-grade manager to monitor a large number of elements, such as routers, switches, load balancers, firewalls, virtual machines, webs, databases, and other managers!Our WhiteCloud Architecture brings all the benefits of cloud automation to Telcos, complemented with container and VNF orchestration, with distributions of OpenStack, Kubernetes and Open Source MANO, and technologies like SDN and SDS where applicable.


  • Metrics: Prometheus
  • Events: OpenNMS
  • Logs: OpenNMS


  • Metrics: Prometheus
  • Active Alarms – PostgreSQL
  • Logs and historical alarms: Elasticsearch


  • Grafana
    • Metrics
    • Active alarms
  • Kibana
    • Logs
    • Historical alarms

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