Announcing the second release of WhiteNFV Castelldefels, with support for CNFs deployed through Helm Charts.

This is the first update of WhiteNFV Castelldefels, the first commercial distribution of the ETSI OSM project based on the recent 7.0.1 release.

Whitestack is pleased to announce a new minor release for WhiteNFV Castelldefels, our commercial distribution of Open Source MANO 7.0.1, released in early february by ETSI.

Castelldefels2 brings special focus on adopting Helm Charts (the package manager for Kubernetes) as the primary mechanism for deploying CNFs (Containerized Network Functions) in existing Kubernetes clusters. This is particularly significant as many vendors are developing their 5G solutions to be deployed as Helm Charts.

Helm is a project hosted by the Cloud Native Foundation

In addition, this update contains an improved deployment process, important fixes and enhancements focused on providing a high level of stability and better usability for orchestrating CNFs over Kubernetes clusters.

The new release can be applied to existing production environments without any impact, thanks to the rolling upgrade feature, which simplifies maintaining the most recent release.

Whitenfv Castelldefels2

As mentioned in our original releaseWhiteNFV Castelldefels represents a major leap forward in NFV Orchestration, reaching a maturity level suitable for productive environments.

It comes with all the new features incorporated in OSM Release SEVEN, in particular:

  • Containerized VNFs (CNFs) for microservices architectures,
  • Full automation of Day-0, Day-1 and Day-2 operations,
  • SDN-assisted control of any underlay type for interconnecting high-perfomance VNFs,
  • Enhanced system monitoring capabilities, among many other features developed based on today’s Telco needs and priorities.

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